~Whole Watermelon~


This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of Paintshop Pro 6.02. You can download a 30 day trial at www.jasc.com


Open a new transparent image, 200X200, 16.7 million colors. Change your foreground color to green #405A2B. 

Select the Preset Shapes Tool and set the shape type to "Ellipse." Style=Filled, Line width=1, antialias=checked.

Put your cursor in the middle of your image at 100,100 and stretch the ellipse down and over so that the numbers on the bottom of the screen say (122, 76). The other numbers do not matter. It's the (122, 76) part that is the actual size. You should have this:

Change your foreground color to a lighter green,  #506F3F. Then select the Air Brush Tool and change the Tool Option settings to the ones in the image below:

Now you are going to paint. I don't know how to describe this part, but it's just like when you were a kid and you colored in a coloring book. You can copy what I did in the image below. 

Now change the foreground color to an even lighter green, #808F6F. Still using the air brush tool, I tried to imagine where the sun light would be reflecting on a real watermelon, so I added the lighter green as highlights to one side.

Now change the size of the air brush tool to 7, and alternate with the lighter and darker greens, painting on the water melon until you get what you want. Remember, real watermelons have all kinds of different marks on them. Some have zigzags, and some don't, so have fun with it.

The end.