This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of Paintshop Pro 6.02. You can download a 30 day trial at www.jasc.com


Open up a new transparent image, 300X300, 16.7 million colors. This gives you enough room to work with. You'll crop it down at the end.

Set your foreground color to blue/teal #016695, and your background color to brown #49211F.

Click on your preset shapes tool and in the Tool Options box, select the Rectangle, Style= filled, Line width= 1, and leave the Antialias and Create as vector "unchecked."

On your transparent image make a rectangle that is 65 wide and 80 tall . So you should end up with this:

Go to your Tool Options for the Preset Shapes again and this time choose the Triangle.

Add a new layer to your image by going up to Layers/New Raster Layer. Then on your new layer, make a triangle that is also 65 wide and 80 tall. . Being that it's on a separate layer, you can use the mover tool and move the triangle over so that it sits exactly on top of the rectangle. Now you can merge the layers by going to Layers/Merge/Merge Visible. You should now have this:

Click on the Toggle arrows on your color palette to switch the foreground and background colors.  

Add a new Raster Layer. Click on the Preset Shapes tool again and on the new layer draw another triangle that is 75 wide by 90 tall. Use the mover tool to place the triangle on top of the first triangle that you made. You should now have this:

Now you need to switch the layers so that the merged layer is on top of the layer that has the brown triangle (Layer 1). So, go to your Layer Palette and click on Layer 1 and hold your mouse button down and drag Layer 1 down over the Merged Layer. 

After you switch the layers, your image should look like this:

Add another Raster Layer and change your Foreground color to a lighter brown #825245. Select your Preset Shapes Tool again, and on this new layer (Layer 2) draw another triangle that is 90 wide by 105 tall. Use the mover tool again to align this new triangle so that it sits on top of the other triangles and the tops all line up. Now you need to drag this Layer 2 to the bottom.

After your Layer 2 is on the bottom, your image should now look like this:

Now you need to merge all of these layers, so go to Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.

Now, select your zoom tool and click on your image once. Now select your Retouch Tool and change the tool options to look like the image below:

On the second tab of the tool options select "Soften" for the retouch mode, and "None" for the paper texture, and Sample merged is unchecked, and Build up Brush is checked.

With the retouch tool, you are going to blend the two brown colors together on the roof. You have to use your eye for this. I don't know how to explain it, but when you're done your image should look like this:

Now change your foreground to black, and select the "Circle" in the Preset Shapes. Put a check in the Antialias box. Leave everything else the same as above.

Add a new Raster Layer, and draw a circle that is 15X15. You can use the mover tool once again to place to black circle at the top part of the birdhouse. Mine looks like this:

Go to Edit/Copy then to Edit/Paste as new layer. Another circle should appear on your birdhouse. Use the mover tool to position the second circle under the first one. Go to Edit/Paste as New Layer again, and the third circle should now be on your birdhouse. Move the third circle just under the second one, so your image looks like this:

You can merge the layers visible now. The rest of it is just decorating it how you would like. I'll explain how I did mine. 

I changed my foreground to this color #054E6C, which is a darker blue. I then used the Air Brush tool and set the tool options to the settings below:

Then I used it to shade the left, under side of the roof and under the black circles. The idea is to make it look used or lived in. :o)

Then I change the foreground color to a light gray #909292, and used the air brush with the same setting, only change the size to 4, and I painted inside of the black circles.

Then to add the stars, I changed the foreground color to white and then selected the Preset Shapes and set it to Star1. You can crop it down, and then save it as a transparent gif or a jpeg file.

The end. 

Have fun!!!