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~Watermelon Half Part 2~

Now we are going to make the seeds, so open up an new transparent  image that is 200X200, 16.7 million colors. Set your foreground color to black. Now select your Preset Shapes Tool and set the tool options to Shape type: Circle, Style: Filled, Line width: 1, Antialias is checked, and Create as vector is also checked.

Place your cursor at (95, 95). This should be the middle, and create a circle that is (9,9). The bottom of your screen should say this. Since you have "Create as vector" checked, you'll have those weird boxes around your circle. Now place your cursor at (100, 90). This should be in the upper, right side square of the vector. I made the image below much bigger so you can see which square you will place your cursor on.

While your cursor is at (100, 90) you should see a little rectangle above your cursor. Now, hold the "Ctrl" key down on your key board and you should see that little rectangle turn into a triangle. While holding down the Ctrl key and also holding down the button on your mouse, drag this upper, right square to the left so the numbers on the bottom of your screen read (97,90). So you are just moving it over 3 pixels. When you release, your circle should now be a seed shape, only yours will be much smaller than this image. 

You can use the zoom tool if you are having trouble seeing what you're doing, you can also start off with a bigger circle and then make it into a seed, then resize it so that it's much smaller.

Go to Layers then to Merge/Merge visible, and change your foreground color to white. Then select your Air Brush tool and set the Tool Option settings to Shape: Round, Size: 1, Hardness: 100, Opacity: 50, Step: 1, Density:20.

On your image place your Air Brush at (95,94) and hold your mouse button down a bit longer. The longer you hold it down, the lighter the white will be. Then move your air brush to (96,94) and click  fast so that the white pixel is darker then the first one that you made. Then go to (95,95) and click fast again. You should end up with this:

The image above was zoomed in on twice. Yours should look like this if you started with the smaller circle. See how the one white square is lighter than the other two. Yours doesn't have to be exact. This is just how I did it. This is supposed to be the light reflection as it should be on a real seed. So experiment with it.

Ok, now we get to put the seeds on the water melon, so go up to Edit/Copy, then click on the watermelon image to make it active, then go up to Edit/Paste as new layer. The seed should now be sitting on your watermelon at (150,150). Now select your mover tool and move the seed to the left any place that you think looks good. Mine was placed at (100,145). Then go to Image/Rotate and set the direction to "Right," the Degrees to "Free: 15." Click OK.

Your image should now look like this:

Now go to Edit/Paste as new layer again, and the same seed should show up at (150,150). Keep doing this until you have all of the seeds placed where you want. I placed my second one at (115,155), then rotated at right, 15 again. The 3rd was set at (133,162) and rotated right, 2. The 4th was set at (152,163) and no rotation. The 5th was set at (175,160) and rotated left, 10. The 6th was set at (191,154) and rotated left, 15. The 7th was set at (203,143) and rotated left, 15. The rest were just set randomly around to fill the spots. So, you should end up with something like this:

Now, to finish it off and make it look more real, I used the Air brush tool, and set the tool option settings to what the image below has:

I set me foreground color to a lighter red, #CD5E5E, and painted on the watermelon in a few places here and there. Now you can go to Layers and Merge/Merge Visible. You can also use the Retouch tool again to soften up to edge. My finished watermelon looks like this:

Yours shouldn't be this fuzzy though. Mine is that way from compressing the images so they would hopefully download for you faster.

The end.

Have fun!!!